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  1. why does the bubble tea become a trend in Asia?  
  The bubble offers a special taste while chewing besides the yummy and sweet smell. It offers a whole new feeling for the consumers all over the world in the beverage market.
  2.Dose Trojan only offer the drink ingredients to the vendors?  
  Trojan has a complete solution of shop-opening and chain stores. We offers the appliances and the strategies for the vendors, according to our 25 years experience.  
  3.If I want to start a chain beverage business without any similar experience, is it still possible to make it?  
  Trojan would give you the professional market suggestions to halp you create the brand trust among the end-consumers according to your location culture, as the CIS design suggestions and the strategies for promotion in differnt seasons.  
  Your first step is to get in touch with our agents or Trojan Taiwan by phone or email.